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I prefer to let my work speak for itself, and the only thing I plan on writing about myself is my obituary so I got my best friend and favourite photographer to do it instead: Tyrone Bradley.

Jimmy is a self professed Jedi filmmaker. Not to say he makes films featuring actual Jedi's but more to illustrate how confident he is in his field. Some might confuse this trait with arrogance but once you know Jim you'll see he is a sheep in wolves clothing. I quote -

"Jimmy is a genius. You don't see it coming..." - Simon Nicholson, Black Hawk Clothing 2011.

Having growing up on film sets around South Africa Jimmy's career as a filmmaker now sees him based in Durban, South Africa. His experience includes commercials, TV, web and film. A DIY typ'a guy JIm makes just about anything for his camera on his mill. He rides his BMX to the shops for milk and is likely to go for a surf tomorrow morning (unless he's on a shoot for you or that Tarantino guy).

Best of all, he owns a Smeg fridge that really ties his treehouse together. He's one of a kind, waste's far too much time dreaming up zombie scripts and is the perfect guy for the job if you want something epic. Dial him - 0723409668 - Tell him Ty sent you ;)